Indonesia is a vast archipelago nation fragmented among several thousand islands, each culturally distinct and considerably autonomous. Indonesia BannerBali – Island of the GodsBaliMap

Bali is so small it’s barely visible on this map. You can reach Bali with a short ferry ride  from Java.

DSCF0773These days Bali is a polarizing subject. Many claim Bali has already been ruined by mass tourism, reckless overdevelopment, pollution, and rowdy Australians. There may be some truth to that, but there is still a lot on the island worth seeing.DSCF0763DSCF0783

Don’t you dare say you visited Indonesia if your trip began and ended in Bali.

Indonesia BannerBorneo (Kalimantan)


Split between Indonesia and Malaysia, Borneo is the 3rd largest island in the world.DSCF1609 (1)26232848_10210247901054659_7139603828333274195_o26232358_10210247900174637_6860561579115789746_o (1)26171399_10210247901334666_4135869664632282829_o


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Sulawesi might have the strangest shape of an island in the worldSulawesiMap